Azuka Nnabuogor

In the realm of creativity, AZUKA NNABUOGOR emerges as a dynamic force from the heart of Nigeria. With an unyielding spirit, AZUKA's artistry is an unapologetic call to illuminate the intricate tapestry of life and societal intricacies, resonating deeply with humanity through vivid visual expressions.

Azuka journey is a perpetual quest for fresh enlightenment, a relentless exploration into the uncharted territories of creative evolution. A mind stretched by the weight of novel ideas never returns to its original dimensions.

AZUKA's work stands as a profound investigation and experimentation, a symphony of diverse forms and shades intricately woven together. Within the canvas's confines, a sanctuary emerges, shielding against the capricious winds of unpredictability and the orchestration of deliberateness.

In a gesture that defies convention, AZUKA masterfully employs the common denominator of soft toilet tissue to sculpt textured realities upon their figures. This is the alchemy of artistry—a transformation of the mundane into a canvas of tactile wonder, a testament to the boundless expressions of humanity's exciting attitudes and the unwritten rules that orchestrate our existence.

AZUKA's grand mission is to awaken dormant senses, to beckon viewers to peer more intently into their world. Within the seemingly ordinary, beauty is artfully discovered, waiting to be unearthed in the most unexpected corners.

But the heart of AZUKA's canvas lies in the figures, bold in their facial expressions, adorned with tribal marks that evoke the vibrant essence of West Africa. With each stroke, they breathe life into their subjects, beckoning viewers to engage in a profound connection with the art, bridging the gap between creator and beholder.

For AZUKA NNABUOGOR, art is life's profound mirror, reflecting the exquisite intricacies of our shared existence. It beckons us to see the world anew, to rediscover beauty in the most extraordinary of places.

Azuka Nnabuogor.. Born in Enugu.. From Onicha ugbo in Delta state.
Graduated from Auchi polytechnic in Edo state(1996)
Post graduation he trained as a welder and contractor to CSA Apapa. and project manager for Nostalgia Designs LTD. Lagos.
By 2010 he established "Antique studios" as a full time studio artist.
He is a member of Golan height renaissance.(GHR)
A member of Circle of independent artist(CIA)
A member of African art Awakening(AAA).

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